SodaMonkeyEnt LLC. was founded in 2016 by the creator and CEO, Shawna Mills, otherwise known as 'Lazymills'. We are a media development and publishing company with the mind for making sizzling and fun original properties. Publishing our own IP's through games, film, comics, fashion, and toys.


Hi, this is Shawna Mills, and I am the CEO, creator, animator, director, producer and entrepreneur. When I'm not manning my own ship, I'm a professional storyboard artist who works for Marvel, DC, WB, Cartoon Network, Disney, and Lucas Films.

For more, contact us at: Info@SodaMonkeyEnt.com

Live streaming

Watch the  CEO throw down. Animations, and Game Dev. WARNING: Mature themes may be a thing, so be warned. Might not want to watch during work or baby hours, depending on the subject of the videos. Be sure to Subscribe to the Twitch and Patreon.


You can get sweet tasting behind the scene updates on the development of our games as well as a look at new animations from the Creator and Artist of the game. Warning: Mature content may be deemed inappropriate for children and workplaces. 


Our partners at Interabang Ent and CEO of the MIX: Media Indie Exchange. Follow the link to find out more and see if you can be a part of this Collective.